The TerraLand project is a global transaction platform based on blockchain technology for the sale of entire real estate or its individual parts. In the first stage, these will be commercial real estate intended for investment purposes, those that generate a rate of return for investors without maintenance.

The work on the TLAND project began in 2019. In June 2020, the project was favoured by the VC Impera Alfa fund, which resulted in receiving a grant from the National Center for Research and Development for the implementation of the MVP platform.


If you want to be 100% ready for the launch of our platform, fill up liquidity and earn as much $TLAND as possible! Amazing rewards await! For staking $TLAND you will receive something special.


Our idea is that our users together with us have an impact on the development of the TerraLand as well as benefit from this development. For this purpose, the native TLAND token was created, which will be available on selected exchanges, the Terraswap exchange will be the first.

The TLAND token will be produced in the CW20 standard, based on the Terra network, and will be operated by a separate Smart Contract, while the token itself will be directly correlated with the functioning of the platform.


The TLAND token will be a deflation token.

2% shares of each property will be distributed between users which supply Liquidity Pool to TERRA SWAP

A possibility of staking the token

Liquidity Providers will have the opportunity to express their opinion on the key aspects of real estate offers and the functioning of the platform - the governance function

In the first phase an equivalent of 1% of transactions concluded on the primary market and 50% of the commission income in the secondary market will be spent for the TLAND Liquidity Pool until the Liquidity Pool reaches 5 000 000 USD. Once the 5 000 000 threshold is reached, the TLAND token will be used as below:

The equivalent of 1% of transactions concluded on the primary market will be allocated to the purchase and burning of the TLAND tokens from the market.

After launching the secondary market, 50% of the commission income in the secondary market will be spent on buying and burning the TLAND tokens from the market.


  • November 2020 - 1st round of pre-seed financing - private VC and EU capital. Funds allocated to the MVP of the platform.
  • June 2021 - launch of the Beta version of the FCQPlatform www.fcqplatform.com
  • June 2021 - 2nd round of financing - business angels. Funds allocated to the issue and marketing of the FCQn token.
  • September - October 2021 - rebranding from FCQPlatform to Terra Land
  • September 2021 - private sale of TLAND token
  • October 2021 - IDO on TERRA Blockchain
  • October 2021 - the TLAND token will be listed on TerraSwap
  • September - November 2021 - platform blockchain change from Ethereum to Terra
  • November 2021 - launching the possibility of purchasing real estate in the form of equity fundrising
  • December 2021 - Single Asset Staking launch
  • Q1 2022 - introduction of commemorative Real Estate NFTs
  • Q1 2022 - implementing a functionality allowing the use of our real estate token as collateral for a loan to be granted in UST
  • Q2 2022 - Cross-chain implementation
  • Q2 2022 - facilitating rental using TLAND tokens
  • Q2/Q3 2022 - On Ramp FIAT
  • Q3/Q4 2022 - Ethereum blockchain expansion
  • Q3/Q4 2022 - the launch of the secondary market on the platform for trading shares in real estate purchased on the platform
  • Q1 2023 - listing of the TLAND token on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Q3 2023 - expansion of operations into the USA by opening a subsidiary in the USA.
  • Q4 2023 - expansion of operations to selected Asian countries by opening a sub-sidiary in Hong Kong
  • Q1 2024 - IPO of the project on the selected stock exchange



You choose the property you are interested in at terraland.io


You define the amount you want to spend on the investment, from the minimum amount for a given apartment up to 100% of its value, then you will be its sole owner.


If you havent done it before, you must complete full account registration at this stage, including KYC procedures.


You sign an electronic preliminary contract of options for the purchase of shares in a given property and deposit funds to the address of the smart contract.


After collecting the full amount for the purchase of a given property, the smart contract closes the collection and sends tokens to the address you provided, confirming the rights to the property. If the appropriate amount is not collected, the funds are returned to the owners.


The description of each property will be continuously updated with coupons historically paid. In the news tab, important and reliable data on the real estate market in a given area will be published. It will also translate into demand for assets from previous subscriptions.

The next phase of the project's development will allow offering for sale and purchase of Real Estate tokens on the secondary market of the TerraLand, which will be one of the most important functionalities of the platform due to the liquidity of investments. Operations on the tokens in question will take place based on traditional buy and sell orders. Even if there are no current sales offers for a given property, any user will be able to make an offer to buy a given property. Such information will appear in the "buy orders" section, as well as directly to the holders of shares.